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  • Exterior Folding

    Exterior folding systems blend indoor living areas with outdoor spaces. Panels up to 150kg in capacity can be folded away to reveal an uninterrupted view. Removing the need for fixed panels or corner posts allows maximum sunlight and fresh air to enter. Windows and Serveries also lend themselves to the benefits of Brio's exterior folding range.

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  • Interior Folding

    Brio's interior folding systems will provide privacy and flexibility for all applications, whether a simple room divide or acoustic barrier. Capable of folding panels up to 75kg with guide and channels or for panels up to 50kg without channel guides for projects where uninterrupted flooring is key. The ability to fold with pivots or from the jamb; through the centre or edge of the panel; in one or both directions make Brio's interior folding range the ideal solution to any project.

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  • Straight Sliding Top Hung

    Top hung straight sliding systems allows for flexible openings with multiple or single panels from internal to external applications. A wide variety of hanger plates make the range appropriate for use on panels as narrow as 19mm. Timber, aluminium or louvered panels can be securely fixed and easily operated with a variety of guide options.

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  • Straight Sliding Bottom Rolling

    Bottom rolling straight sliding systems are easy to install and operate. Large openings are resolved with panels spanning 3.3m high by 1.8m wide and multiple stacked channels. Panel capacity from 25 to 300kg for internal and external projects, small or big.

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  • Locking

    Your locking needs can be addressed with our dual point locking or flush bolts options, suitable for timber and aluminium panels in a variety of premium finishes for locking and non-locking applications. The range provides solutions for sliding and folding panels with inward and outward opening versions for panels up to 3.3m tall.

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