Brio, the leading sliding and folding hardware manufacturer, has designed its Timberoll range of bottom rolling hardware to offer the best solution for fixing timber sliding doors whether they are cupboard doors up to 25kg or hefty sliding exterior doors up to 300kg.

Timberoll 25 is designed for residential or light commercial sliding wood framed glazed or flush, bi-passing cupboard or cabinet and wardrobe sliding doors. Nylon bottom rollers operate on aluminium rails producing a quiet, smooth operation. Standard kits are available making this the total cabinet sliding door hardware solution.

Timberoll 100 is an external bottom roller sliding window and door hardware system for maximum panel weights up to 100kg and is suited for large sliding windows or patio sliding doors with timber framed glazed panels of up to 2.4 metres high and 1.8 metres wide. It can be used in both residential and commercial applications where any number of doors can be used on single or multiple lines of rail that can slide to one or both sides of the opening.

Brio Timberoll 100 features self levelling double bogie rollers and nylon outer tyres with precision bearings for quiet, smooth fingertip operation. The plated steel case includes a side adjustment screw at a convenient height to accommodate the 23mm rebate stops used on timber joinery. The rollers are designed to run on the 914A Aluminium bottom rail and with a number of top guide options available.

Timberoll 170 is ideally suited for patio doors with timber-framed glazed panels and slides on two bogie rollers rebated into the base of each door panel. The Timberoll 200 design also features a side adjustment screw located at a convenient height to accommodate 23mm stops used on timber joinery for easy adjustment.

Brio Timberoll 300 is designed specifically for exterior commercial sliding doors up to 300kg with wood framed, glazed or flush sliding partitions and patio doors. Any number of doors can be used on single or multiple lines of rail that can slide to one or both sides of the opening.

All Brio Timberoll hardware offers quiet finger-tip control through the combination of track profile, stainless steel bogies, precision bearings and nylon tyred wheels on aluminium, bonze or brass bottom rails. The full stainless steel construction of the bogie rollers and stainless steel bearings make exterior Timberoll systems perfect for use in corrosion prone coastal areas.

For more information phone Brio on 1800 078 530.