Brio Weatherfold Composite 'A' Type Hinge

Brio Composite ‘A’ Type Hinge is an extension to the popular Brio Weatherfold Exterior Folding Door Hardware range, designed specifically for aluminium timber composite doors with cladding of up to 18mm (0.71″). It complements our latest Weatherfold 4s Top Hung Folding Door Hardware Systems range.

This surface mounted hardware minimises the panel gaps to a mere 4mm (0.16″), which creates the superior panel sealing and enhanced weather protection. All hinges are made from passivated stainless steel, giving the system an exceptional durability and corrosion resistance.

The innovative Weatherfold composite folding door hardware can be used with systems of up to 16 panels (8 right + 8 left) of 100kg (220lbs) each. The minimum required panel timber thickness is only 51mm (2.01″).

The systems with “A” Type Hinges incorporate all the same first class features as the rest of the Weatherfold family, including the use of equal size panels, the choice of inward and outward opening, failsafe locking mechanism design, easy on-site panel height adjustment and improved security, providing the manufacturers with unrestrained flexibility in door systems design.

All visible components come in a Satin Stainless steel finish, giving the system with the outstanding performance also a premium look. As an industry standard for innovation and functionality, Brio is proud to offer our customers this fantastic addition to our hardware range.


Find out more at the Weatherfold 4s Composite page on this web site located at Products, Folding, Exterior. For further information phone Brio on +44 (0) 191 2291224.