• Brio launches XY Adjustable Hinge

    Brio’s adjustable hinge set, XY is ideal for French door applications as the innovative design allows quick installation of the discreet, surface mount hinges on timber and aluminium panels while providing easy vertical and horizontal adjustment without removing the door.  Reducing the adjustment to only 2 planes means the compression between panel and weather seal is unbroken […]

  • Project: Curvy House

    A stunning renovation of a heritage home set in Melbourne, Australia had the challenge of inviting sunlight in to the narrow 6.5m wide block.  The projects architect, Ben Callery, describes his innovative design: “The convex curve of the roof bounces direct sun light down into the living space but also creates an illusion of space. The ramp […]

  • Project: OneThree Cheshire

    The luxurious apartments of OneThree Cheshire St are set in an upmarket suburb of Auckland, New Zealand.  Designed by Waterfall Gunns Lowe Architects, the building was developed to make the most of its surroundings with an outlook on to the green spaces of the Auckland Domain and the dynamic city skyline which houses the iconic Sky Tower.  A striking feature […]

  • Project: Tunnels Beaches

    Brio’s Weatherfold 4s folding hardware made an adventurous curved door project a reality for an innovative wedding venue in north Devon.  This commercial property, operated by Devon Beach Weddings, can cater for 160 guests and is set on the beautiful, coastal landscape of Tunnels Beaches (a network of hand carved tunnels leading to sheltered coves). Weatherfold 4s was […]

  • Brio launches Single Run 100 and Zero Clearance 100

    Brio’s Zero Clearance and Single Run systems work with various panel types and provide numerous guide options as well as a capacity range from 80 to 350kg.  This range has had a new level added, Zero Clearance 100 and Single Run 100.  The new hangers work with Brio’s existing hardware including their 80CS clip stop […]

  • Project: The Wing House

    The Wing House was part of a 3 residence project based in Bronte.  All homes were designed by Walter Barda and positioned to make the most of their beautiful surroundings. The Wing House and Hilltown House both used Brio’s Single Run 120 system to open up living areas to outside dining spaces.  This system is […]

  • Brio launches new Open Rail system and Soft Stop

    Brio has introduced a new face fix version to their Open Rail Range, this product also combines stainless steel hardware, precision bearings and inlaid tyre to produce a smooth and silent action.  A new accessory now available is the Soft Stop for round rail systems, it removes momentum from sliding doors to prevent noisy operation […]

  • Servery application with easy installation

    Brio’s Weatherfold Servery allows window sashes up to 35kg in weight to be folded away effortlessly without a guide channel.  The absence of a guide channel provides an unbroken working surface to allow for easy placement of food and beverages before taking out to an alfresco dining area.  Or the reverse, bring your BBQ area […]

  • Brio launches their 288 lever furniture

    Brio’s 286 Dual Point Lock was designed for Brio’s exterior folding system Weatherfold 4s, but it is also suitable for timber and aluminium French door applications.  180° operation of the dual point lock activates a 25mm throw to secure doors top and bottom. The clean, elegant lines of the integrated escutcheon are reflected in Brio’s […]

  • Project: UNISA City West Campus Refurbishment

    Brio’s Open Square Rail system for Timber was recently used in a refurbishment project for the University of South Australia’s Industrial Design department.  The exposed bearings and heavy duty hardware provided the desired commercial appearance the architect, Swanbury Penglase required.  The panels were dual purpose as room dividers and project display boards.  16 Open Rail […]